QA Tester



May 17, 2024

About the job

As a QA Tester at Connectinno, you'll get hands-on with the latest apps and games before anyone else. Your main job? Make sure everything works perfectly. From checking that apps run smoothly on all types of devices to making sure the newest features are bug-free, your role is key to ensuring our products look great and work well. You’ll be our last line of defense against bugs and glitches, ensuring our users have the best experience possible.

Some of your responsibilities

  • Create detailed, comprehensive test plans and test cases that cover every possible scenario. Think of yourself as a detective, looking for clues that lead to bugs!

  • Use your sharp eye to catch bugs, log them, and keep track of them until they’re squashed.

  • Work side-by-side with developers, giving them feedback on what needs fixing from a user's perspective.

  • Test across different mobile devices and operating systems to ensure our apps perform well for everyone, everywhere.

  • Use automation tools to streamline testing, making it faster and more efficient.

  • Stay on top of new trends in mobile app testing, including new tools and practices that can help catch more bugs before our users do.

  • Push for quality at every stage of app development, from initial design to final updates.

What we look for

  • Real experience in QA testing, especially with mobile apps. You know the ins and outs of mobile platforms and what makes an app a pain or a pleasure to use.

  • Familiarity with the tools of the trade like Selenium, TestRail, or Appium, and if you’ve dabbled in coding, even better!

  • A knack for juggling tasks and deadlines without dropping the ball. You’re organized, thorough, and always on point.

  • A problem solver at heart, you don’t just find problems, you find solutions.

  • Great team player skills—clear communication, positive attitude, and a desire to collaborate with others to make products better.

  • Enthusiastic about learning new technologies and methodologies that make testing smarter, not harder.

  • You're fluent in English with great writing skills, so documenting bugs and communicating with the team is a breeze.

Join Connectinno as a QA Tester and be a hero in our quest to deliver flawless apps and games. Here, your skills will shine, your career will grow, and you’ll help us set new standards in the mobile world!

What does the recruitment process look like?

1. Application Review: We will carefully review your CV to evaluate your accomplishments and qualifications.

2. Interview: A 30-minute Google Meet interview with our People & Culture Specialist will be conducted to discuss your experience, expectations and potential synergies. This will help us determine how we can collaborate effectively.

3. Case Study: You will be provided with a project relevant to the position, which you will complete to demonstrate your proficiency and practical knowledge.

4. Technical Meeting: A Google Meet session with our team lead will be arranged for you to engage in in-depth discussions on technical topics that align with your expertise. You will be asked specific questions to further showcase your technical skills.

5. Team Meeting: You will have an in-person meeting with the founders of Connectinno, during which we will discuss your expectations and explore how you can contribute to our team. This interview will also provide an opportunity for you to gain insights into Connectinno's culture and working environment.

6. Final Decision: Within a few days, we will inform you of our decision regarding your suitability for the role.

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