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Welcome to the Chat AI community!

Our goal is to bring joy to everyone and to encourage creativity. To ensure everyone enjoys the Chat AI community, please comply with all relevant legal rules when using the Chat AI App and our services, and respect the rights of people and communities around the world. These Community Guidelines will explain the rules you need to follow when using the Chat AI App and our services.


Please remember that if we find a violation of our Community Guidelines, Connectinno reserves the right to take necessary steps including removing content; suspending user access to services; deleting, blocking, or banning accounts or servers; and reporting to the relevant authorities.


Comply with the Law

Chat AI aims to be a safe place where laws are followed. Please do not engage in or create content that violates any national, federal, state, local, or international law or other legal rules.


Content that promotes, glorifies, supports, or suggests illegal activity is strictly prohibited. This ban includes content that encourages, supports, or enables the following crimes:

- Acts of terrorism or other crimes against humanity;

- Human exploitation;

- Possession, use, and trade of drugs, firearms, or other controlled substances and other types of smuggling;

- Crimes against people and animals (e.g., murder, assault, rape, kidnapping, domestic abuse);

- Crimes against property (e.g., vandalism, theft, robbery, shoplifting).


Safety of Minors

Creating content that abuses or harms minors; attempts to abuse or harm minors; endangers or threatens minors; or has the intent or effect of abusing or harming minors is unacceptable.


We have zero tolerance for content that depicts a child in a sexual, pornographic, or violent manner. We will remove such content and the accounts that hold them and report them to the relevant authorities.


Content Safety

Chat AI aims to create a safe environment for everyone. We do not allow the use of our services to create content that depicts pornography, nudity, sexual images, genitalia, sexual intercourse, sexual services, reproductive organs, or any intimate imagery.


We strictly prohibit the creation of any gore content that includes violence, blood, deformed bodies, or severed body parts of humans and animals.


Misinformation and Harmful Content

Chat AI is not a platform to create or share harmful content or misinformation. Misinformation refers to any content that is false, erroneous, or misleading.


Content that carries the intention or risk of harming others, including false, erroneous, or misleading information and/or content, cannot be created or shared on Chat AI.


Examples of such prohibited content, not limited to, include:

- Any form of medical advice or interpretation of medical outcomes; for instance, anti-vaccination advice, misleading health claims that could harm public health;

- Theories originating from conspiracy theories or disinformation campaigns;

- False, erroneous, or misleading information about electoral fraud, ballot tampering, election rigging, vote counting, voting, and the election process, including content that could be used to influence political processes, campaign, or manipulate the integrity of elections (e.g., ballots, polling places);

- False, erroneous, or misleading information about natural disasters or other emergencies;

- False information that incites hate, prejudice, or fear.


We do not permit the creation or sharing of content to be used in justice, law enforcement, immigration, or asylum processes, including predicting an individual's likelihood of committing a crime or fraud (such as establishing causal relationships between allegations in documents, random and arbitrary targeting).



Chat AI is not an environment to be used for any type of harassment. We do not allow content that is defamatory, insulting, inappropriate, aggressive, abusive, derogatory, or otherwise harassing.


This includes personal attacks, name-calling, trolling, swearing, sexual objectification, and content aimed at humiliating or degrading others (such as shaming people for their bodies, sexual lives, or mocking people for depression).


Hateful Behavior

Chat AI is a platform for a diverse community, and we have zero tolerance for hateful behavior. We strictly prohibit the following content:

- Any content that promotes, supports, or glorifies violence, discrimination, insult; or

- Content that attacks, harms, threatens, or exploits weaknesses of individuals/specific groups of people based on race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, color, immigration status, social gender, gender, sexual orientation, age, medical condition, or other social, physical, or mental characteristics (including content using symbols of hateful ideologies; depictions containing negative stereotypes or using derogatory words or claims of superiority to promote, support, or glorify hateful behavior).


Chat AI is not a place to create or share content intended or having the effect of discriminating against or harming individuals or groups based on online or offline social behaviors or known or presumed personality traits.



Do not create or share any content that promotes, supports, or glorifies self-harm


. This includes:

- Suicide;

- Eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia;

- Self-cutting;

- Other forms of self-harm.

The Chat AI App cannot be used to create content involving self-harm as a form of threat or emotional manipulation.


Privacy Protection

We value privacy and do not allow the creation or dissemination of content that violates individuals' private lives or discloses private personal information or personally identifiable information without consent.


A short list of examples, not limited to, includes:

- Identification information,

- Private addresses,

- Medical information of people,

- Photos or images of people,

- Social profile information (such as usernames, passwords).


Intellectual Property Rights and Other Rights

Chat AI values the protection of intellectual property rights and other personal rights.


Do not create or disseminate any content that violates anyone's intellectual property rights (such as copyrights or trademarks).


We do not allow content that violates, threatens to violate, negatively affects, or otherwise creates or alters a binding, applicable obligation regarding individuals' personal rights.


If you encounter content or a user that you suspect may violate our Community Guidelines, please inform us at


If you have any questions about our Community Guidelines, please contact us via our support team at


These rules will continue to be updated over time. We will keep you informed about subsequent updates.


Thank you for helping us maintain Chat AI as a safe and strong platform that everyone enjoys.

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